Könyv – Agatha Christie: Taken at the flood – Harper Collins 2002

Taken at the flood
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Taken at the flood

Agatha Christie

Harper Collins, 2002


Minőség: jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Leírás: elülső borítólap törött

Kategória: Egyéb

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A man returns from the dead, and the body of a mysterious stranger is found in his room...A few weeks after marrying an attractive young widow, Gordon Cloade is tragically killed by a bomb blast in the London blitz. Overnight, the former Mrs Underhay finds herself in sole possession of the Cloade family fortune. Shortly afterwards, Hercule Poirot receives a visit from the dead man's sister-in-law who claims she has been warned by 'spirits' that Mrs Underhay's first husband is still alive. Poirot has his suspicions when he is asked to find a missing person guided only by the spirit world. Yet what mystifies Poirot most is the woman's true motive for approaching him!

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