Könyv – Chris Heath: Reveal: Robbie Williams – BLACK LIBRARY 2017

Reveal: Robbie Williams
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Reveal: Robbie Williams

Chris Heath


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Robbie is back. More than a decade on from the number-one bestseller Feel, Robbie Williams talks to award-winning author Chris Heath to tell the incredible, intimate and raw story of his life in the limelight. Robbie shows a side far removed from his cheeky persona, from his troubling meltdown and brief stint in rehab to his quiet retirement and increasing waistline. But this also charts his rise back to the top. It follows the beloved singer unexpectedly falling in love, joyfully becoming a parent for the first time and achieving an astonishing musical comeback, and finally, triumphantly returning to Wembley Stadium. Long-awaited by millions of fans, this is the uncensored and unbelievable story of the man, the entertainer, the icon as you've never seen him before.