Könyv – David West Reynolds: Star Wars Episode I - Incredible Cross Sections – Dorling Kindersley 1999

Star Wars Episode I - Incredible Cross Sections
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Star Wars Episode I - Incredible Cross Sections

David West Reynolds

Dorling Kindersley, 1999

Kötés: karton (papír védőborítóval) , 32 oldal

Minőség: jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Leírás: védőborító élein kisebb sérülések, szép, tiszta belső, megkímélt könyvtest

Kategória: Egyéb

Utolsó ismert ár: 1990 Ft

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Experience the Star Wars saga through the vision of DK's cross-section illustration techniques and the magic of the imagineers at Lucasfilm. All of the vehicles and space craft found in Star Wars: Episode I will be explored in precise detail. Cutaways are accompanied by informative text to not only reveal the armaments, defense capabilities, propulsion systems and all other key technological aspects of these vehicles but also give you insights into the culture of their creators. See why the Sith Infiltrator is the most dreaded craft in the Universe. Discover how many droids can be carried on a Droid Control Ship. Learn how the Naboo Queen's Starship is designed to conform to the Naboo philosophy of peaceful existence. Explore the weaponry of the Droid Starfighter and much, much more. Together with the Star Wars Episode I Visual Dictionary, these books create a definitive Star Wars Episode I reference library. Fourteen unbelievably detailed cross-section artworks, including a magnificent gatefold cutaway of the heart of the Trade Federation Invasion Fleet, as well as encyclopedic text provide the ultimate reference resource for the craft of Star Wars Episode 1. Watch the fastest Podracers in the galaxy compete for their lives, the golden Naboo N-1 Starfighter in Battle-action, the Trade Federation Landing Ship disgorging its unstoppable cargo and the awesome weaponry of the secret army's armored fighting vehicles. Discover the lethal secrets of the stealthy Sith Infiltrator, how a Gungan survives in the treacherous core of Naboo, and the eerie internal workings of the droid starfighter. Then explore the graceful aesthetics of the Naboo Queen's Royal Starship and the hidden control centers of the Trade Federation invasion fleet!