Don't you Want Me?
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Don't you Want Me?

India Knight

Penguin Reference Books, 2003

Kötés: papír / puha kötés , 252 oldal

Minőség: jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Kategória: Egyéb

Sex. There's a lot of it about. And Stella is definitely not getting her fair share. She's got a few handicaps: she's the wrong side of thirty, she's a single mum (to the adorable Honey), and her French hot-bloodedness is liable to turn grown men pale. Mind you, the men she meets are either perma-tanned, tight-trousered smoothies with strangely white teeth or - easy, tiger - balding, poorly socialized podgers. One lot have black satin sheets; the other lot have, well, wives. What's a girl to do? Dividing her time between London's most PC playgroup (most popular children's names: Ichabod and Perdita) and lessons on the art of pulling from housemate Frank, Stella is seriously starting to wonder if she'll ever have sex again.

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